About us

image_8Navigate Financial Advisors was founded to create a premier quality, classically crafted financial planning model that provides real-world solutions…and features fee-only financial advice that is focused on results.

Navigate Financial Advisors is an alternative to the commission-based model, where a financial advisor’s income is dependent on selling financial products to their clients.

We have also expanded the breadth and depth of financial planning with this new model. At the core is the recognition that it’s not just about the money; it’s also about the person.

Why “Fee-Only” Financial Advice?

Fee-only financial advisors are Registered Investment Advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to always act in their clients’ best interest. We do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales. As a result, fee-only advisors have fewer potential conflicts of interest, and generally offer more comprehensive financial advice.

A financial advisor who has a financial stake in the course of action recommended to a client faces a potential conflict of interest and cannot be considered objective and unbiased.

The vast majority of financial advisors in the United States are sellers of financial products – like stocks, insurance and annuities. While most may be honest and care about their clients, some or all of their income is dependent upon their ability to earn a commission by selling their clients one of the thousands of financial products available today. This puts them in the difficult position of balancing what’s best for their clients with their need to earn a living.

How We’re Different

  • Real World Experience = Real World Solutions  

    We’re not just career financial advisors relying solely on textbooks for guidance. With a diverse background in both personal and business finances, we’re able to offer a more comprehensive approach to your asset management and financial planning.

  • What is Financial Planning? 

    We offer a more all-inclusive approach to financial planning. This approach helps you articulate and document your vision of your financial future. It also goes beyond just financial issues and includes a discussion of your aspirations and goals.

About Robert “Andy” Anderson

  • About Andy Anderson
    The primary benefit of working with Robert “Andy” Anderson as your financial advisor is