Creating a Budget

A budget is a great way to get your income, expenses and saving under control.

If you would like us assist you with the budgeting process, here’s what you will receive: 

  • A goal setting session to determine which expenses are most important to you.
  • Assistance with the actual physical process of creating a budget – either manually or by utilizing our online budgeting software.
  • Help monitoring your progress towards achieving your goals. It can often be helpful to have a financial advisor tracking your budget report and providing input.

For seniors approaching retirement or already on a fixed income, budgeting can be even more important. In addition to the services listed above, seniors will receive the following: 

  • An analysis of your assets and fixed income to determine what funds are available for monthly expenses.
  • If you have retirement accounts, a plan will be developed for regular withdrawals from these accounts if your expenses exceed your income.
  • If the total funds you have available aren’t enough to cover your expenses, we’ll brainstorm ways to reduce your expenses and stay within your budget by helping you prioritize your expenses.

The best thing about budgeting is that you’ll always know exactly where you stand. If your income increases, or if your investments are growing faster than projected, a recalculation can always be done to see how much you can safely increase your monthly expenses. Or maybe splurge on that special vacation you’ve been dreaming about!

Contact us if you would like to schedule a no-cost initial meeting to learn more about creating a budget.

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