College Savings Planning

college savings

Have you started a college savings plan?

  • Guessing = Stress – A calculation will be done to determine how much money you’ll actually need when your children are ready for college. This calculation is especially complex when you have more than one child and also because recently tuition has been increasing at more than twice the rate of inflation.
  • Customized for your goals and budget – Fortunately, there are loans, financial aid and education tax credits that can help. A plan will be created that fits your specific situation.
  • 529 College Savings Plans – We will help you choose from the many state-sponsored plans out there. A few of these plans not only allow your money to grow tax free, contributions are usually deductible on your Colorado tax return. We’ll recommend an investment strategy that will attempt to maximize your return while reducing risk as your children get closer to college age.
  • The maze of rules and regulations – When it comes time to actually start paying for college, we’ll help you through the myriad of rules regarding federal tax credits and withdrawals from your savings plan so that you can maximize the financial benefits.
  • Financial aid – An evaluation will be done to see if your child will be eligible for financial aid. In addition, your college savings plan will be set up in a way that will maximize the amount of financial aid available.

Be strategic and maximize your college savings investments. We’ll show you how and make it simple. Call us today to get started with a free initial evaluation.

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