Estate Planning


The primary reason for estate planning is to ensure that your wishes are carried out with the least amount paid in estate taxes, legal fees and court costs.

We’ll help you accomplish these goals in the following ways: 

  • Assist with the creation of the basic estate planning documents, such as:
    •   Wills
    •   Side letters of instruction
    •   Powers of attorney for property
    •   Durable powers of attorney for health care
    •   Living wills or advance medical directives
  • Analyze your financial information to determine your financial status as it may relate to possible estate or gift taxes.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the use of a Will versus the creation of a Revocable Living Trust in order to avoid the probate process.
  • Long-Term-Care-Estate-Planning
  • Assess the need for the creation of an Irrevocable Trust to minimize or eliminate possible estate taxes.
  • Evaluate the need for an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust to avoid estate taxes on life insurance death benefits.
  • Make recommendations regarding the use of other types of trusts to accomplish your estate planning objectives.
  • Discuss possible gifting strategies in order to reduce estate taxes.
  • Analyze various potential charitable giving options which can benefit your favorite charity and possibly reduce the estate taxes due.
  • Evaluate any possible generation-skipping transfers that could have an unexpected impact on estate taxes.

We work with several excellent estate-planning attorneys who, if requested, can become involved in the planning process and also the creation of your legal documents.

With various estate planning packages available, we can provide the level of planning needed for your specific situation. Call us today for a free introductory evaluation.


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