Planning for a Major Expenditure

We’ll help you plan for a major expenditure.

With so many things to spend our money on, it’s easy to forget about life’s bigger goals. Research shows that individuals with clearly defined financial goals are much more likely to achieve them. And this clearly applies to a major expenditure.

A plan can be created for: 

major expenditure
  • Buying a home – By evaluating how much you can afford, how much of a down payment you’ll need, plus help you put together a plan to save for the down payment, you’ll know what to look for when you start home shopping.
  • Working on your credit score – There are several steps to improving your credit score that will make it easier for you to get the house that you want, along with the best interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Starting a small business – By creating a cash flow statement for your business, you’ll determine how much cash you’ll need to get your business started, plus we can assist in locating the funds necessary so that your new venture will be successful. This may be through bank financing, an SBA loan, a loan from family, etc.
  • Buying a new car – Through analyzing and comparing the many financing options available, you’ll know whether leasing or purchasing is best for you. All loans and leases aren’t created equal. By analyzing he most competitive lease and loan rates, you can save on interest and put the savings towards your new car.

No matter the goal, we are here to help. You may want to make a significant charitable contribution, take an extended vacation, renovate your home or take a sabbatical to continue your education.

It all starts with a plan towards success. Don’t just save, be strategic. We can help!

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