Social Security Claiming Strategies

Do you have a Social Security claiming strategy?

Many Americans decide when they should begin Social Security benefits without receiving any advice. Representatives of the Social Security Administration are not allowed to give advice and can only give you details on the rules. The largest banks and financial institutions don’t train their advisors on how to provide advice regarding Social Security. As a result, a majority of Americans have no idea how important selecting the best Social Security claiming strategy can be. Using the best claiming strategy can often mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional benefits over a retiree’s lifetime.

With our Social Security planning package, you will get an evaluation of your specific situation in the following ways:

  • Social Security CardsEvaluate and make recommendations regarding the age at which you should file for benefits in order to maximize your lifetime benefits.
  • Assess the best strategy to use to minimize longevity risk, which is the risk of depleting your resources during your lifetime.
  • For married couples, determine whether it is more beneficial for each individual to file for their own benefits or file for spousal benefits.
  • Analyze how each possible option will affect the survivor’s benefits for married individuals.
  • Evaluate the use of the “file and suspend” option to maximize benefits.
  • Determine whether it is best for a surviving spouse to use their own benefit or their surviving spouse benefit.
  • Analyze whether it may be beneficial for one spouse to file for their own benefits for a defined period of time, and then switch to spousal benefits later.

Since the rules governing Social Security benefits are very complex, our advanced Social Security software is used to evaluate the more than 567 claiming options available. And because an ill-advised filing decision is usually impossible to reverse, be sure to contact us before you file! 

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